Goods lifts for the return of the hospitality sector

Following multiple lockdowns across the UK and the world, some business sectors are slowly recovering and getting back to some kind of normal. Hospitality is one of the industries most affected by the global pandemic alongside leisure and entertainment.

Having said that, much of the hospitality industry is nearly back to pre-covid levels as several companies report being back to 86-95% of their usual level of business With uncertainty still in the air, hotels, and restaurants are looking to maximise this busy return as well as the festive season coming up.

Goods lifts or ‘service lifts’ have always been critical in hotels and restaurants with multiple levels to make sure that customers’ food gets to them whilst still hot without compromising food safety. It works in a very similar way to stock systems in retail or an office environment.

In some larger hotels, goods lifts can even be used to create space-efficient car parking solutions for both guests and employees.

Goods lifts that work in an economical manner is also important for an industry where margins can be tight, which is why we’re so pleased to be confident that Lödige commercial lifts are designed to be energy efficient, which is also a more sustainable approach as well as saving money on electricity bills.

If you’re a business owner or manager in the hospitality industry and are looking to maximise efficiency and customer service in your hotel or restaurant, get in touch with Lödige for information on our commercial lift products and services.

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