Goods Lifts Handed Over within 2 weeks from Lödige Industries

The Serwa goods only lift is extremely cost efficient and has endless benefits. The most recent Serwa installation has made the customers day to day workload much easier and safer. Where they were previously using a forklift truck to transport pallets to the mezzanine level, the client is now saving time by moving the pallets into the lift with a pallet truck. The depth of the Serwa even allows the pallet truck to be moved to the next floor with the pallet which saves money on equipment. There is now only need for 1 pallet truck rather than keep one on each floor.

With a travel height of up to 4100mm the Serwa lift is capable of serving most traditional mezzanine floors. Designed to move goods only, 20 – 30 loads of under 1,000kg can be transferred between floors per hour. There is no requirement for a pit, motor room or lift shaft so there is no builders works required before or after installation.

There is a team of UK based engineers carrying out Serwa installs in as little as 3 days.

For more information on the product and its benefits, get in touch with the UK office

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