Goods Lifts in Cumbria

The client on this project needed their old storeroom goods lift to be replaced without causing disruption to their busy shop. There was already a built in shaft in place, so a bespoke lift was designed to fit inside. Installation was fast and professional, Lödige have a team of highly qualified engineers based across the UK that have years of experience installing goods lifts.

The SHERPA is a bespoke goods lift that can be tailor made to suit size requirements. This makes it an ideal product for existing sites where there are restrictions. The cabin sizes, travel, load, colour and control systems can all be custom made.

Lödige Goods lifts are versatile products that can be used in shop storerooms, warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities. There are goods only and goods with attendant options that are free standing. By removing the need for a shaft to be built, money and builders time are saved.

All Lödige products are designed and manufactured in house, the factory in Warburg, Germany has been open since 1965.

Paul Robinson, National Sales Manager of Lödige UK commented; “Projects like this where there are restrictions in place are always enjoyable. The sales and project team worked closely together on this one to ensure there was minimum disruption to the end client’s store.” 

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