Goods Lifts Installed in Dublin

Both of these lifts have a travel distance of 6 meters which spans across 3 floors. The end client wanted to put a solution in place that is easy to use and reliable. Lödige goods lifts are durable and user friendly with simple controls.

With no lift pit or shaft required, space is saved as well as time. The SHERPA comes with a self-supporting structure which is fully clad with a small recess or ramp option. This is a bespoke lift that can be tailor made to suit site and client requirements. 

Lödige has been specializing in goods lifts for over 70 years across the globe with over 1200 lifts installed in the UK so far. All products are designed and manufactured in house, with no parts being outsourced. The SHERPA product can move loads of up to 3,000 kg with a travel of up to 18 meters. 

As well as goods lifts there is also a full range of car lifts, lorry lifts and automated car park systems. 

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