Health Food Goods Lift

As the health food industry grows, suppliers need a way to increase their productivity. The end client on this project has seen a dramatic rise in sales so have now expanded their storage space with a mezzanine floor. The quickest and safest way to move goods up to the mezzanine floor level is by using a goods lift.

Lödige offer bespoke goods lifts that can be tailor made to suit the customer’s requirements. This lift in particular serves 2 stops and moves at a speed of 0.2 m p/s. The SHERPA and ESCORTA lifts come with a free standing shaft meaning no additional builders work is needed, these are suitable for existing sites or new builds.

The UK office has installed over 1300 lifts across the country so far with many more in the pipeline. There is a team of highly qualified engineers that carry out lift installations in a fast a professional manner. All products are manufactured in Warburg, Germany at the Lödige Industries factory which is where the family owned company originates.

For more information on goods lifts and how they can benefit your company, please get in touch with the office directly.

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