Heavy goods lifts in London supermarket set to maximise efficiency

Lödige has just completed the supply and installation of two heavy goods lifts for a new supermarket shortly opening in London. Reliable heavy goods lifts are an essential component in modern supermarkets, where moving heavy loads of products from storage to display over multiple floors isn’t feasible in a safe manner using stairs or lifts designed to carry passengers alone.

The lifts installed are front-facing 4 pallet heavy-duty goods lifts in a free-standing shaft, that are capable of carrying up to four tonnes each. The key advantage of using a free-standing shaft as opposed to a more traditional lift shaft and pit is that it significantly reduced the amount of work needed by the builders involved in the project, helping to keep the development on schedule and within budget.

Reliable heavy goods lifts make for easy and efficient vertical loads transportation when effectively planned and maintained. Designed to carry the largest possible weight without compromising on safety, heavy goods lifts save supermarket workers a significant amount of time and energy, as well as minimising the risk of injury and loss of productivity.

This is a major supermarket brand that Lödige has been working with for many years, and to date, we have installed nearly 60 lifts for this client. We’re exceptionally proud of our long-standing relationships with companies of all sizes, with clients frequently using us as their first choice for both installations and servicing on an ongoing basis. Our team's experience and customer service as well as our commitment to sustainability mean that our reputation continues to grow across the UK.

Heavy goods lifts with Lödige

For more information on working with Lödige to ensure a retail environment or supermarket is operating at maximum efficiency in terms of vertical transportation, get in touch with the team to discuss how our bespoke approach to heavy goods lifts can ensure productivity and safety for your business.

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