How can Parking Keep up with Housing?

The build to rent market in London is on the rise. By 2025, private rent is due to be the most common form of housing in London, overtaking the current lead of owner occupation.

The increased residential demand in London and other major cities has been a key factor in the rise. This increase will have a large impact on parking in the capital.

Vehicle owners’ really only want two things; to have enough space to park their car(s) and to be able to park outside or near their home. There is simply not enough room in London for all residents to park outside or close to their homes or apartment buildings.

If you can’t park outside then why not park underneath?

An ideal solution for parking in cities is to include an automated car park or puzzle parking system. These systems can be installed in existing or new buildings and can create up to and in excess of 60% more parking spaces in the same footprint. A parking system is easy to use and reliable. The driver leaves the car in a safe well-lit booth with the engine switched off and the system does the rest. Having the car engine turned off helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Some of the many benefits to parking systems are;

  • Up to 60% more parking spaces
  • Fast parking
  • Improved vehicle security (no risk of human error in the system)
  • Reduction of night time light pollution
  • Reuse of land
  • High quality components

These systems are suitable for residential developments, shopping centres, hotels, car manufacturing plants, car showrooms and public buildings.

Lödige have been established for 70 years and have so far completed more than 50,000 projects worldwide. All products are designed in house by a team of highly qualified and experienced employees. There is a team of UK based engineers who carry out installations across the country professionally with great care.

As well as parking, Lödige also specialise in goods movement, car lifts, lorry lifts and airport logistics. For assistance with drawings, budget costs, tenders, traffic calculations, specifications or compliance, get in touch with the UK office.

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