How Much Damage can a Fork Lift Make to Goods?

How long do staff members have to wait for the forklift to become available in your warehouse? Many companies use a forklift for lifting goods to the mezzanine level as well as for general warehouse use. Using one item for dual purpose can cause a lot of waiting time for staff which could be used more efficiently. A goods lift will hugely increase productivity by reducing the wait time for staff. Standalone goods only lifts can move at up the 0.2 meters per second.

A goods lift is the safest and quickest way to move goods between floor levels in warehouses and factories. It is common for goods to be damaged by a fork lift when the driver attempts to pick up boxes which can cause a loss of earnings.

Lödige have recently completed the installation of a large goods lift in Wales. The customer was experiencing issues with staff members damaging goods when trying to lift them up to the mezzanine level with a forklift. Not only did Lödige solve the damage issue by installing a goods lift, they also suggested a larger cabin size which means they can now carry two pallets at a time side by side.

Lödige offer a broad range of goods lifts covering mezzanine lifts, warehouse lifts, factory lifts and lifts for manufacturing facilities. The standalone goods lift range can move up to 3,000kg up to 18 meters high. As the products are standalone there is no machine room or separate shaft required which is a great benefit.

For information or advice contact the UK office. More than 1300 lifts have been installed across the Nation so far with many projects on the horizon.

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