How the increase in urban living will increase demand for lift installation

Currently, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas such as cities and large towns, but this is set to rise. The UN predicts that by 2050 that proportion is expected to increase to 68%.

The gradual shift of the population from rural to urban areas alongside the growth of the world’s population in general means that an additional 2.5 billion people could be in urban areas by 2050, driving a need for changes in approaches to the use of space, including lift installation in a range of uses.

But how does the increase in urban living increase demand for lift installation?

Commercial lifts for manufacturing

Following the pandemic, because of increases in shipping costs due to the fuel crisis, and to reduce their carbon footprint, more businesses are looking to source materials and products in the UK.

In March 2022, the UK manufacturing growth hit a 7 month high, and almost 64% of 650 surveyed manufacturers forecast that production would increase over the coming year.

If people are moving to urban areas it stands to reason that businesses needing a workforce will be looking to grow their businesses by either remaining in or moving to urban areas, where space is at a premium and maximising it is essential.

In addition to being an excellent time-saving investment and increasing employee safety, commercial lifts are also a major space saver.

Having several ramps and stairwells in buildings can take up a lot of space, while lifts are compact, take up little space within a building’s structure, and can be designed to carry both a variety of goods and equipment and people. An increase in manufacturing in urban living will drive demand for goods and heavy goods lifts.

Parking solutions

While trains and undergrounds will play a big part in the growth of urban living, there will always be a need for cars, buses, and commercial transport such as lorries.

Storing the growing number of vehicles while saving space is also likely going to involve the use of building up, or even down, as architects make more use of underground space unlikely to be used for other reasons.

Car lifts, lorry lifts - that might also be used for buses - and even automated parking solutions, will enable space-saving options that will be essential to the increase in urban living.

Future-proofing your business or residential development

When operating a business you intend to grow or design a new residential development, look to futureproof your company or investment with solutions that could save you money long term and enable you to save space.

For more information about commercial lifts, passenger lifts, or car parking solutions, get in touch with Lödige Industries for bespoke solutions to your budget, space, or design.

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