How To Store More in the South

The increased popularity of online shopping over the last 5 years has resulted in a shortage of industrial space. In a bid to store more goods in less space, many contractors have started building the warehouses higher and using mezzanine floors. A goods lift is the safest way to move goods between floors.

Lödige offer goods lifts that can serve up to 6 floors and 18 metres of travel. The SHERPA and ESCORTA products are free standing meaning there is no requirement for a separate shaft to be built. The standalone models can move up to 3,000kg at a time and are fully bespoke. Cabin sizes, travel and design can all be tailored to suit the customer’s requirements.  With over 30 years of experience of installing goods lifts in the UK, Lödige can offer advice and assistance at all project stages.

There is a wide range of bespoke goods lifts, mezzanine lifts, warehouse lifts and factory lifts on offer. As well as goods, Lödige also specialises in bespoke car lifts which are particularly in demand in London.  

All products are manufactured in house and are made of high quality components. The goods lifts and car lifts are all open protocol so can be maintained by third parties. For more information or assistance on a live project, get in touch with the UK office.

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