Hydraulic Goods Lift for Car Manufacturing Facility

With increasing demand for their product, the already over capacitated factory needed to find a way to increase productivity without losing valuable space or causing any disruption to their production line.

Lödige designed and built the shaft on the outside of the building. This meant that there was no effect on the footprint of the building and the factory could continue with its day to day work without disruption from building works. The large goods lift was designed with a minimal pit and reduced headroom to make allowance for the size restrictions that were in place. These factors reduced the overall costs for the customer by eliminating the need for planning permission and its associated fees.

Having a bespoke product range means that the Lödige lifts can be customised to meet the customer’s requirements. This particular lift has Bolton Gate doors, galvanised steel walls and a prime coated car floor and ceiling. There are multiple looks and feels to choose from when it comes to the control panels so these can be selected to best suit the buildings design and appearance.

This high quality hydraulic goods lift moves at a speed of 0.15m/s and has two stops. With a load capacity of 5000kg and a 5 meter wide car there will be a very positive impact on production.

Paul Robinson, National Sales Manager of Lödige UK commented:  “We welcome challenging projects like this one that require us to think outside of the box. Our bespoke products and in house design allow us to really push the barriers. Our design, sales team and project managers worked closely on this lift to create something brilliant that we are very proud of”

Why Lödige?

With over 30 years of experience the Lödige UK team are more than equipped to give advice on suitable solutions for all types of projects. There are many impressive reference sites across the UK covering multiple sectors.

The hydraulic goods lift is a bespoke product that can carry loads of up to 50,000kg. The maximum travel for this product is 24 metres with a limit of 12 stops. Any door size, car size or design is available to suit the end client’s requirements and all of the high quality components used are fully open protocol. The reduced pit depth and headroom allows for maximum usage of available space. This heavy duty lift is perfect for various buildings such as; factories, hospitals, shopping centres, self-storage units and exhibition centres.

There are highly qualified and experienced engineers across the country that install and service the wide ranging products on offer. Lödige pride themselves in great customer service and are always efficient. There is a vast range of products on offer such as goods lifts, car lifts, lorry lifts, cargo systems and automated car parking systems. Contact the office on 01784 221140 or uk@lodige.com to find out more from the sales team. 

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