Lift Service and Maintenance in the UK

The company are proud to offer quick turnarounds and to have great problem solving engineers onboard. Being part of a global organisation such as Lӧdige Industries, there are a list of advantages. The engineers can contact the factory directly with issues or ideas. This can have a great impact on product modernisation as it is the people on the front line feeding back to the factory and designers directly rather than having an issue lost in translation.

There are different maintenance packages on offer which enable the Service Team to offer a customer what they need, rather than a set package which may not be suitable.

The team look after new and existed goods lifts, car lifts, lorry lifts and airport systems.

During the Covid-19 pandemic many customers have closed their doors temporarily to keep staff and the community safe, but this is not the case for all. Lӧdige UK look after a host of key customers whose daily production has rocketed due to demand so the role of the Service and Maintenance engineers is more crucial then ever. The team are on hand making sure that supermarket deliveries are still being made, courier deliveries are being made, air cargo systems are still running and hospital goods lifts are not stopped. There are apartments and mix used developments that rely heavily on their lorry lifts and car lifts to keep building life moving so the support given is really important.

Lӧdige Industries have been focusing on an every day hero each week and this week was the turn of Dean Tinkler who is one of the UK Service Engineers. Dean along with his colleagues has been working hard to ensure that customer are still receiving the same level of care that they are use to.

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