Lödige Goods Lifts enable multiple applications in the UK

When it comes to transporting goods, many people first think of goods lifts. Goods lifts can be a cost-efficient and space-saving solution for transporting goods between different floors. While goods lifts are primarily assigned to large goods centres or production halls, goods lifts are an indispensable means of transport in many other sectors such as the catering and hotel industry, retail or the healthcare sector.

In which area can goods lifts be used?

Whether in production facilities, logistics and distribution warehouses, event and shopping centres, hospitals, in the catering trade or retail trade - goods lifts significantly improve the flow of goods.

In production halls, goods can be transported faster and easier between different levels using goods lifts. Installation without building modifications, as with the SHERPA, is very advantageous for owners. Logistics companies also benefit from its use. Compact and space-saving to install, the goods lift can be easily integrated into existing racking systems. In hospitals, medicine, clean linen and food are delivered daily. A centrally located passenger or bed lift is often not sufficient. Since the delivery is almost always at the back of the building, a goods lift is required for optimal logistics.


Warehouse, retailer, and self-storage – Goods Lifts in the UK at a glance

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