Lödige Industries automates multi-storey logistics properties

Paderborn, 1 February 2023 - As available space for storage and distribution is scarce and therefore expensive, the trend towards multi-storey buildings is increasing. A new module from Lödige Industries allows both automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to interact with different lift systems to move up to 20 tonnes total weight vertically. Goods and freight lifts are thus intelligently networked with autonomous transport vehicles, enabling automated material transport across multiple floors.
The automation module is compatible with both the Olympus freight lift and the Sherpa and Escorta goods lifts. There are various options for communication between the lift and the fleet management system. For example, parametric interfaces are offered for the Olympus goods lift, which reduce the need for cables and communicate directly with the fleet management system. In future, this variant will also be available for the Sherpa and Escorta models. The new system is already being used in industrial production areas, for example in the automotive industry.
"Through the intelligent integration of goods lifts, the range and thus the cost advantage of automated guided vehicles can be extended quickly and easily, even in existing buildings and confined spaces. Especially in combination with our Olympus goods lift, completely new possibilities arise for our customers in the heavy load range of up to 20 t or more," says Tobias Wennekamp, Chief Product Officer at Lödige Industries.

The mechanical engineer with a doctorate has been responsible for the product portfolio and thus also for new technologies of the internationally active provider of logistics systems and lift solutions since 1 December 2022. "Due to the strong growth in e-commerce as well as the increasing lack of personnel, AGVs and AMR are important levers to optimise the performance of intralogistics processes. In addition, there is the trend towards multi-storey production and warehouse facilities, which are already established in China and are currently on the rise in Europe as well. Accordingly, the demand for an automatic integration solution for goods and goods lifts has risen in recent years and will continue to increase.

For the new Chief Product Officer, the task is a return to the roots of his professional career. In 1999, he completed his training as a technical product designer at Lödige Industries and thus began his professional career. After holding various positions, Wennekamp was most recently Head of Global Product Management at Continental in the Conveying Solutions business unit.

About Lödige Industries:
Lödige Industries is a leading global supplier of logistics systems for air freight, warehousing and industry, lift solutions and parking systems, based in Germany. With branches all over the world, Lödige Industries provides material handling solutions for a wide range of customers. Founded in 1948, the medium-sized family business specialises in the supply of complex material handling systems from planning, design, manufacturing, programming and commissioning to service. Lödige Industries is the world market leader for air cargo terminals.

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Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) from Lödige Industries.
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) from Lödige Industries.
Tobias Wennekamp, new Chief Product Officer of Lödige Industries.
Tobias Wennekamp, new Chief Product Officer of Lödige Industries.
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