Commercial lifts with green initiatives and sustainable approaches by Lödige

Lödige Industries manufacture large heavy-duty machines for customers in industries that include aviation, automotive and distribution. These are all areas in which they are trying to increase energy efficiency, promote sustainability and encourage green initiatives, as the world works towards the ambitious yet manageable target of achieving ‘net zero by 2050’.

This is why we not only design our machines to work in an energy efficient manner, but as there is a lot of energy potentially used in our manufacturing processes, we make use of green energy in our own manufacturing plant too.

At Lödige Industries, our factory team has been working on approaches to ensure we use clean energy since 1956.

Renewable Power at Lödige

Our hydroelectric plant on site powers not only the factory, but also generates 40% surplus power to the grid. Our premises in Scherfede is based on the site of a former wool factory, and our historic hydroelectric power plant based along the river Diemel gives us a continuous supply of regenerative energy. This forms the base of electricity production through its constant modernization. In 2020, a new green initiative was installed - a new solar farm designed to reduce heating costs, and is predicted to save 2,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Energy Efficiency in house

Like many other manufacturers and businesses, we switched to factory LED illumination for both inside and outside the premises. With the help of a bespoke lighting concept, we have been able to reduce our electricity requirement for lighting by 85 percent overall, and we’ve also reduced our gas consumption by 40 percent. This is all a huge step towards minimising our impact on the environment.

Protecting the world around us

We don’t stop at energy efficiency. The river Diemel is a renewable source of energy for us, but it is also the natural habitat for a selection of wildlife. Our installation of a fish ladder allows the upstream movement of the aquatic life and we release new young fish every year into the river, to help maintain the population and safeguard the natural eco structure.

Working sustainably with Lödige Industries

Next time you review your product suppliers, you might be looking beyond the usual aspects and considering what impact your decision makes on the environment. If you’re looking at green credentials and certificates in general, be sure that you consider the whole manufacturing process and a holistic approach, and not just the end-product. We’re constantly looking at ways in which we can work more sustainably. Get in touch to find out more.

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