Lödige Car Lifts – Made to Last

Whereas many car lift manufacturers design and build their products to maximise profits, Lödige take a different approach focusing on the quality and longevity instead. Each product is designed and manufactured in house by experienced and passionate engineers. By doing the design in house, Lödige are able to break the mould to create a product that truly meets the customers needs, with tailor made cabin sizes and loads of up to 7,000 kg. For unusual projects that require additional design, the factory will do whatever they can to increase the load to cater.

In 2016 Lödige in the UK installed two 5,500 kg Traffico hydraulic car lifts for the Lexiccon residential apartment building in Central London. By using car lifts rather than a ramp the customer opened up the use of the full basement for residents to park their cars, motorbikes, and bicycles. These lifts have a special function that allows the key fobs to be coded to request the lift doors to open halfway for bicycles and fully for a car. This makes the use of the lift quicker for the bike riders as they do not have to wait for the doors to open entirely.

These two car lifts have been used daily by residents since the installation 5 years ago with near to no down time. By having a car park underground that is only accessible by designated people adds additional security to the building, its residents, and their vehicles. There is a lowered risk to car theft as they are out of view and access and there is also increased security to residents as they do not need to leave their car until they are safely within the basement.

The UK Lödige Service and Repair team look after both lifts at this City Road address and have done so since the installation was completed, and the lifts were commissioned. This site has had extremely low call outs since the beginning which shows the high quality of the equipment and how thorough the Service visits are. The team uses preventative maintenance which ensures that the lifts are checked fully, and any necessary replacements are completed routinely. 

The building managers from Y&Y Management Ltd have expressed how happy they are with the lifts.


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