Lödige continues its growth in UK commercial lift solutions

As the world continues to recover from the pandemic, at Lödige we have seen an increase in demand for commercial lifts in a range of settings, as well as an increase in interest in creative parking systems and airport logistics solutions.

Demand is being caused by not just an increase in commercial activity in the sectors that use commercial lifts, but also the increase in awareness of how efficient and well-serviced commercial lifts can increase energy efficiency in the workplace, and save a business money long term, as the rising cost of electricity continues to be a concern in many industries.

In order to meet demand, Lödige is excited to announce that they have been growing the team across all key departments. Since January 2021 we have brought on 12 new members of staff in departments including the Service team, the Projects team, the Sales department, and Accounts.

We’re confident that as the team grows, we can continue in our excellent track record in maintaining long-term relationships with our employees, and guarantee that our clients - both new clients and those that we’ve been working with for many years - have the best possible level of service, efficiency, and satisfaction.

This is only one step in our ongoing plan to expand our UK office, as our client base continues to grow and existing clients continue to return to use for both new installations, servicing, and maintenance.

For more information on what is driving the growth of our business and how we can help your business succeed with increased efficiency and productivity, get in touch with the team.

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