Lödige equips dnata’s state-of-the-art cargo handling facility with innovative technologies

Lödige Industries has now completed the second phase of dnata’s cargo handling facilities at London Heathrow Airport. dnata built the new import facility on their Heathrow campus, known as dnata City East Phase Two. Lödige Industries delivered an automated ULD cargo system consisting of truck docks, elevating work stations, roller decks and a large castor deck area.

London Heathrow’s City East is an import facility for dnata’s cargo operations allowing the import, transfer for onward transport, temporary storage, and build & break of ULDs. The modernisation enables dnata to significantly increase performance. Achieving a significant amount of annual turnover of tons of cargo, the system enables dnata to serve additional customers.

The further expansion of the cargo handling facility includes an additional ULD handling system, using Lödige Industries’ latest advanced airport logistics solutions. The new system makes a key contribution towards enabling dnata to meet their corporate safety standards. The ULDs are running on an automatic system rather than being driven around by forklift trucks which further enhances safety.

Lödige Industries’ expertise, attention to detail and thorough customer service has resulted in repeat business with dnata on several projects. “It’s great to continue supporting dnata in the UK”, said Michael Baul, Managing Director of Lödige Industries UK adding, “this project has been completed on time in less than 10 months, despite the obvious challenges that we have all faced in recent times.” Neil Gadsby, Cargo Business Manager at dnata responded, “Lödige’s cutting-edge technologies will help us consistently deliver service excellence for our customers while meeting the highest level of safety across our operations. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership at London Heathrow.”


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Efficient and safe unit load device (ULD) handling at London Heathrow City East
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