Lödige launches new CPD - Considerations for the design and specification of car lift

CPD, or Continual Professional Development, is essential in any profession. However, when it comes to construction and engineering it is even more important, in order that architects, engineers, designers, and developers are up to date with the latest regulations, legislations, and what is widely considered to be best practice as life evolves.

RIBA Chartered Architects have to undertake at least 35 hours or relevant learning per year, and only CPD presentations can go towards this training. It is for this reason that Lödige have decided to get more involved with ensuring that training is available in the areas we have extensive knowledge in.

One example of this is the increase in urban living. In 2022 the price growth in urban markets is surpassing growth in the surrounding rural areas, as more people return to the idea of office life and the appeal of living closer to the action grows.

This isn’t necessarily central London every time when it comes to the South. The opening of the Elizabeth Line means that more and more people can live in surrounding towns and enjoy a little space, whilst working in the city.

This trend means that architects and developers are looking to maximise space for those looking for somewhere to live in more built-up areas, and one way that is being used more is through the creative use of space for parking with underground or inside parking facilities.

If a car parking space is a desirable attribute for those looking to purchase or rent a home, this can add up to a lot of space when looking at apartment buildings. For example, a 9-story apartment block with 2 properties on each floor needs an 18-space car park, which adds up to a lot of space to purchase or allow for. Including car parking within the building design often works out to be more cost-effective, but often creates a need for car lifts as part of the building design.

CPD for Car Lift Design

Lödige’s new RIBA-accredited CPD addresses this need for a holistic approach to the inclusion of car parking as part of building design. Car lifts are complex, and the CPD course covers health and safety, regulatory compliance, use of energy, fire safety, and product application.

The course should give the attendee the information needed to be able to confidently design the most efficient car lift possible, whether that’s for a new building or retrofitting an existing building.

To book your RIBA-accredited CPD on car parking design, please contact the office or click here.

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