Lödige: Providing opportunities to the next generation of engineers

At Lödige we’re proud of our mission to remain cutting edge in all areas of our business, from the latest products and services to our ongoing sustainability plans including electric vans and the use of renewable energy and natural resources. This is no exception when it comes to the future of engineering.

Engineering is one of the fastest developing and expanding sectors, as technology and approaches to how industry works evolve. Mechanical and electrical engineering are two of the fastest-growing areas, and we’re keen to encourage more students into these fields to ensure that there is a new wave of talent coming through to fill these roles.

In order for the world of industry to keep moving forward, we need an ongoing interest in engineering from the brightest young minds. Therefore, we’ve made a commitment to education and work experience - promoting engineering as an exciting career to consider for those in school, college, or university.

By recognizing the importance of young and fresh ideas, we have embarked on a mission to provide opportunities to undergraduates who are wanting to learn more about the workings of a growing engineering business as part of their placement work portion of their degree.

In addition, we now have a rolling plan year-on-year where the applicants will help in all business departments; learning key skills that we hope will set them up for future employment and encourage them to work with a company such as ourselves. This invaluable experience includes working with our most established team members and learning from some of our exciting ongoing projects.

We hope that in the future, these applicants might well be the future of Lödige, bringing new ideas and ways of working with them.

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