Lödige sponsoring the next generation of innovators in sales and marketing

In September 2021, when initially looking for a new member of the sales and marketing team at Lödige, we decided that instead, we would give the opportunity to an undergraduate, who would not only value the new ‘on the job’ experience but would also bring a fresh point of few to our established business.

We approached selecting a candidate in the exact same way as we would when recruiting a paid member of staff and the stand-out candidate was Chloe Lloyd, who we were excited to offer the position.

In addition to her strong education background in Business Management, Chloe’s drive, self-confidence, and enthusiasm ensured she fit straight into our more experienced team, where she set about looking to make a positive impact straight away.

Throughout the last quarter of 2021 and through the start of 2022, Chloe developed strong relationships with her colleagues at Lödige and built a sales funnel that has since demonstrated both great potential and immediate results.

At the end of May Chloe leaves us to spend some time in the US with Camp America in New York, and then will return to complete her final year at the University of Birmingham.

As a sign of gratitude for all her hard work - that went above and beyond what we had expected - and to enable her to fulfill her full potential in this important year, Lödige has offered to sponsor her final months at university. We look forward to seeing what the future brings for Chloe, and whilst we would love to see her consider returning to us in the future as a permanent employee, this sponsorship comes with no expectations, so we wish Chloe the best of luck for the future, wherever that ends up being.

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