London Car Lifts and Automated Systems

Parking is an issue in busy areas due to the lack of available space. One solution is to install an automated car park system which can save up to 30% more space by removing the need for human access. A parking system can be installed in existing or new buildings and has many benefits. Some of the benefits are the increased safety to both the vehicle and driver, easier parking and the ability to park in a more eco-friendly manner.

Another solution to park more cars is to install a Car Lift opposed to using a ramp. This again saves a lot of space and also builder’s time. The Lödige car lift range can move up to 10,000 kg and can serve up to 8 stops. Being bespoke products, the lifts can be tailored to suit the end client’s requirements.

All Lödige products are designed and manufactured in house at the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany.

Lödige UK first installed a car lift in the UK in 2007 and have since completed many successful projects across the country. There are reference sites at car showrooms, residential developments, private houses and manufacturing plants. Often assisting Architects and Lift consultants with specifications and plans, Lödige offer support even at the early stages of projects.

If you think a car lift or an automated parking system would benefit you, get in touch with the office for more information.

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