Long Services Awards for Lödige UK Employees

All of the staff members celebrating this milestone began their Lödige UK journey working on the £80m BA World Cargo Centre project at Heathrow Airport. All members contributed to the project in different ways.

Maxine Wells

Maxine is the Financial Director of Lödige UK, Lödige Ireland and Lödige USA. Over the last 20 years she has had some brilliant achievements such as opening the subsidiaries in the Middle East, Hong Kong, Ireland and the US. Maxine’s role developed from an external auditing role and has involved a lot of travel and different experiences.

Mark Ambridge (Pictured)

Mark has worked for various different parts of Lödige all over the world spending time in Qatar, Denmark and Germany before starting his current role as the Service and Repair Manager of Lödige (United Kingdom) Ltd. Mark has a head full of Lödige knowledge and is often the first stop for questions.

Robert Jenkins (Pictured)

Despite being British, Rob initially joined the Lödige group in Germany working for Lödige Industries in Warburg straight out of University after seeing a job listing on a leaver’s board. After 2 years he accepted an opportunity to come back to the UK to manage the contracts for the BA World Cargo Project from site at London Heathrow. Currently Rob is a Project Manager for the South of England working closely with the customers and sales team.

Simon Perry

Simon was one of the very first UK based Lödige engineers. He looks after some of the most prestigious projects that Lödige have ever delivered in the UK. Simon is an expert on Lödige goods lifts, car lifts, lorry lifts and air cargo. A highly valued member of the team. 

Lödige UK are very proud to be celebrating these long time anniversaries. A lot of hard work and commitment has been put in by all staff to create such a well-oiled machine. The core values and great teamwork at Lödige make working for the business for such a long amount of time not only possible, but enjoyable.

Michael Baul, Managing Director of Lödige Industries (United Kingdom) Ltd commented; “Each person celebrating this year plays a vital role in this company and are deeply appreciated. We would not be the company we are today without the team we have in place. Thank you for all of your hard work over the last 20 years.”

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