Lorry Lift Boom

There has been an increase in Lorry Lift enquiries over the last 8 weeks. It seems that the pandemic has caused more people to think differently about space. Being suddenly stuck in doors with only essential travel permitted, Londoners and other city dwellers have found themselves searching for more local greenery. The goal now for so many people is to have more outdoor leisure space.

In city centres there is a shortage of space. A beneficial way to save space on larger developments is to use a lorry lift to give direct access to the basement for deliveries and bin collections. This reduces the need for bin storage on ground level, and the use of unnecessary ramps. With less space being used around the buildings, surely there would be more space for leisure. Further benefits include the reduction in traffic congestion outside of the building and the increased safety when offloading the goods.

Lӧdige installed their first lorry lift in the UK in the year 2000 in Leeds and the lift is still running today. The long length of service shows the high quality and durability of the product. A lorry lift from Lӧdige can move up to 100,000 kg which is he equivalent of 58 Aston Martins. There is a range of Scissor and Hydraulic lifts with various cabin and door options which can be tailored to suit all requirements.

First established in the UK more than 30 years ago, Lӧdige have installed more than 1300 lifts nationwide. All products are manufactured in house in the Lӧdige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany. By creating everything in house, the team can monitor each stage of the operation from start to finish to ensure that the highest standards are always met.

For more information on Lorry lifts, van lifts and truck lifts contact the UK team. Assistance can be given with design, drawings, specifications, budget costs, lift tender’s and compliance.

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