Lorry Lift Demands in London

The Lödige lorry lifts were originally developed as an ingenious way of reducing the need for on the street delivery in central London by transporting incoming vehicles from the ground level to the basement. These lifts are generally installed in large residential developments expecting very high throughput of heavy vehicles on a daily basis. Contractors in the Midlands and all through central London, most high end developers have gone with Lödige due to the proven product performance. All year round Lödige lorry lifts move a high number of vehicles for various different reasons. The featured lift in this video, situated in central London was installed in 2010 and has transported trucks, vans or vehicles more than 350,000 times so far.

Like all other Lödige products, these lifts are designed by experienced, highly qualified automation engineers in Warburg Germany with a proven track record in large scale hydraulic development and design. Lödige UK have a team of installation and maintenance engineers, within close proximity of London, to carry out regular check-ups to ensure operation is running smoothly and efficiently.

With a maximum capacity of 100,000kg and a fully bespoke design both mechanically and aesthetically, Lödige are confident that our lorry lift product is the perfect solution to alleviate delivery traffic and congestion outside residential developments.

If you require any help or support on this product or want to view one of the ones recently installed, please contact the UK office. Assistance can be given with specifications, design, drawings, budget costs and more.

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