Lorry Lift Solutions from Lödige Industries

Here at Lödige Industries we specialise in moving vehicles and goods, no matter how big or complex. We are the leading company for designing and manufacturing lorry lifts and have many prestigious installations throughout the world.

All of our lorry lifts are bespoke and designed to suit client and site requirements. We offer a high quality hydraulic range of lorry lifts and also a scissor range of lorry lifts up to 100 tonnes.

We have completed successful UK installation at One Hyde Park in London, Leeds Grand Theatre and Birmingham Hippodrome. So if you think a lorry lift would be a good solution for unloading and loading a building quickly, rather than slower old fashioned methods, then please contact us for assistance. We can design a lorry lift to suit your site, usage and budget.

We offer the complete range of lorry lifts, car lifts, van lifts, goods lifts and car parking solutions which are all manufactured at our factory in Warburg, Germany. We work very closely with all customers to ensure that they get the best possible lift solution for their building, taking into account usage, space, quality and budget.

Please contact us if you require a lorry lift, car lift, goods lift or automated car parking solution on 01784 221140 or uk@lodige.com or visit our website www.lodige.co.uk

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