Lorry Lifts Completed in Central London

Something that all developers of mix use developments or large residential buildings need to think about, is waste disposal. How will the rubbish and recycling be stored until collection, and how will it be collected? The client for this project, came up with a genius storage idea but still needed a way to get the waste out of the building without causing delay and inconvenience to residents, staff and local traffic. As the development is large there a huge amount of waste accumulated daily, meaning it is not just a case of moving a wheelie bin to the curb for pick up. As a solution, two lorry lifts have been installed by Lӧdige UK to give access from road to basement which allow the rubbish trucks to go down to the basement to collect directly.

These lifts can move a load of 20 tonnes at a time and are extremely efficient and reliable. Lӧdige UK have been established for more than 30 years and have installed lorry lifts in London, the North and the Midlands.  

There are multiple benefits of using a lorry lift, some are:

  • Space saving compared to using a ramp
  • Less traffic congestion due to lorries going directly into building to unload delivery or collect waste
  • Safe way to offload goods
  • Reliable
  • Open protocol

The Lӧdige Lorry lifts like other products are bespoke and can move loads of up to 100 tonnes at a time. The load, travel, cabin sizes and design can all be tailored to suit the customers requirements. Manufacture takes place in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany which first opened its doors in 1965. Thousands of products have been produced since and installed across the globe by experience engineers.

Contact the UK office for assistance with design, drawings, traffic calculations, specifications and compliance.

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