Lorry Lifts for the UK

Lorry lifts and van lifts are increasingly popular in busy cities across the UK, particularly in London. Easy to use and convenient, they can make a great difference to busy buildings.

There are many benefits to installing a lorry lift

  • Huge space saving by removing the need for a ramp.
  • Streamline deliveries in busy areas
  • Bespoke design
  • Max load of up to 100,000 kg
  • High quality and long lasting
  • Time saving by loading and unloading directly from the lorry
  • Safer for staff as they don’t have to carry loads up and down stairs

The first lorry lift that Lödige installed in the UK was in the Midlands in 2001. To this day, Lödige still look after the maintenance of this product. With a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers based on the ground across the UK, there are short SLA times available.

A lorry lift is suitable for residential buildings, manufacturing facilities and theatres.

As well as lorry lifts – Lödige also specialise in car lifts, goods movement and car park systems. With more than 70 years of experience, there are 50,000 completed projects worldwide.

All products are manufactured in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany and are of an extremely high quality.

For more information on the products available, contact the office.

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