Lorry Lifts Making the Day to Day Run Smoother

It is not only London based architects and developers that understand the benefits of installing a lorry lift on a project. Over the last two months, there has been a noticeable rise in interest for a mixture or projects in the North of England. One particular client in the North approached Lödige after realising just how much space could be saved by using a lorry lift rather than a ramp on their mixed use development project. They calculated that the ramp needed for an articulated lorry on this project, would take up more space than the permitted footprint allowed. Not only will a lorry lift save this customer space, it will also shorten delivery times and reduce building congestion.

Lorry lift highlights;

  • Quicker way to unload goods
  • High quality and reliable
  • Bespoke cabin sizes, load and travel height
  • EN81 of Machinery Directive compliant
  • Space saving

Lödige UK often work closely with developers, architects and clients from the beginning of large projects like these. Help is given with design, drawings, tenders, specifications, compliance and traffic calculations.

With over 30 years of experience in the UK, Lödige have reference sites for lorry lifts in London, the Midlands and the North. These are bespoke solutions that are designed and tailor made to suit project specifics. The range can move a load of up to 100,000kg at a time with or without a driver in the cabin. All products are manufactured in house and installed by a team of experienced UK based engineers.

For more information from one of the UK team members, get in touch with the office. As well as lorry lifts, assistance can also be given with goods lifts, car lifts and automated parking systems.

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