Manchester Mezzanine Lift

Handed over to the customer last week, this Serwa lift has already made a positive impact on the workflow and productivity. After struggling to move items of goods between floors using a forklift and pallet gate for many years, the business owner decided to look into using a goods lift. Moving goods between floors using a forklift can be time consuming and dangerous if not done correctly. It is imperative that a licences forklift driver is handling the machine which can often cause delays due to there being only 1 or 2 on site. A goods lift can be used safely and easily by all members of staff.

Since the launch of the Serwa mezzanine lift in late 2018, the product has helped many companies become safer and more time efficient. The Serwa can be installed in as little as 3 days and does not require a pit or shaft, this means that with no building planning required the lift is extremely quick to add to your site from date of order. Being strictly goods only, there is no need for the extra safety features which are associated with moving attendants or passengers, making the cost efficiency even more attractive.

Like all other products produced and installed by Lödige, the Serwa is designed and manufactured in house. There is a team of dedicated Lödige engineers that install this product across the UK who are experts in their field. As well as the installation they also offer annual maintenance contracts which are tailored carefully to suit the customers needs and usability.

For more information on the products that are available or for assistance with a project, contact the UK office. Help and advise can be given on specifications, drawings, design, tenders and more.

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