Manufacturing Goods Lift Installed in Scotland

Over the last 30 years Lӧdige has installed more than 1300 lifts across the nation.

The lift that has been commissioned most recently is a 2 stop goods only lift for a manufacturing facility in the south of Scotland. The customer has experienced large growth over the last 12 months and in turn has opened a second premises. In order to maximise the potential storage space available, they have used a mezzanine floor. The safest and quickest way to move goods between floors is to use a goods lift.

Lӧdige offers a range of goods lift to suit all capabilities which can be tailor made to suit specific project requirements. The lift used for this project was the SHERPA goods only lift. This product is free standing so does not require a lift shaft or pit which both save builders time and money. The cabin sizes, travel, load and external appearance can all be customised to meet demand and there is a team of fully qualified UK based engineers to carry out installations. The SHERPA can carry loads of up to 3000 kg at a time over 18 meters.

For projects that require an employee to be moved along with goods there is the ESCORTA goods lift with attendant. Like the SHERPA this lift is free standing and does not require a pit of lift shaft. The same loads and travel can be reached, and it is fully compliant with the machinery directive.

When the load exceeds 3,000 kg there is a hydraulic lift on offer which can move large amount of goods. This product does require a lift pit, motor room and lift shaft.

All products are designed and manufactured in house by long standing employees. The Lӧdige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany has been fully functioning sine 1965. Thousands of products are produced every year and have been installed across the globe.

For more information on any of the products and services available, get in touch with the UK office.

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