Mezzanine Goods Lift Over Forklift

70% of forklift accidents could be prevented by using a mezzanine goods lift to transport heavy goods up to the mezzanine level. A goods lift is a much easier and safer way to move goods between floors.

Lödige UK have been established since 1986 and have installed over 1300 lifts in the UK. They have recently released a new mezzanine lift that is ideal for warehouses. The SERWA is user friendly and cost effective. With no shaft or control room required, this goods lift is quick to install and does not need extra builder works.

The SERWA is a 2 stop goods only lift that moves under 1,000 kg at a speed of 0.2 metres per second, achieving 20-30 cycles per hour. The lifting height ranges from 2.2 metres up to 4.2 metres with a platform sixe of 1100mm x 1600mm which provides space for a standard pallet.

This product is designed and manufactured in house by Lödige Industries. As well as the SERWA, Lödige also offers larger goods lifts that can be used to move goods only or goods with an attendant.

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