Mezzanine Lift for Prop Hire

The client on this project was not utilising all the space on the mezzanine as products and goods were too heavy to carry up the stairs. The customer believed that the cost of a goods lift would be too expensive. After discovering how cost efficient and easy to use the Serwa lift is, they decided it was time to stop wasting space. Having access to the additional space on the mezzanine floor has meant that they can now store more at their warehouse. Having more items in stock and available, means that a quicker response time and therefore better service can be offered to their end clients.

A goods lift is the safest and easiest way to move goods to and from the mezzanine level. The Serwa was designed and released by Lӧdige UK at the end of 2018 to provide a simple solution to customers who have only a basic requirement. This mezzanine lift can move under 1,000 kg at a time at a speed of 0.2 m/s. Lifting heights of 2250mm up to 4200mm can be achieved. For more information on the Serwa or to see one of the many reference sites, get in touch with the office.

For projects that require larger loads, travel and cabin sizes there are other option. Like the Serwa the Sherpa and Escorta are both free standing lifts that have no need for a lift pit or motor room. The team can advise on which solution would benefit a project the most.

With more than 30 years of experience in the UK, Lӧdige has great knowledge of compliance and requirements across all sectors. The team are able to assist and advise with budget costs, specifications, drawings and design.  

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