Minimal modification - goods lifts with self-supporting shaft

Goods lifts with free-standing shaft constructions are particularly well suited for installations in existing buildings and racking systems. The installation does not require any special construction measures or work, as no shaft is needed on site. In addition, when using a ramp, no shaft pit is required.

The control cabinet of the freestanding SHERPA and ESCORTA goods lifts is usually mounted directly on the shaft. A separate machine room is not required. If desired, the control cabinet can also be installed nearby, max. 10 m from the shaft.

Efficient and safe goods lifts optimize performance for a large online shopping retailer’s warehouse

Online orders for the fashion industry have significantly peaked over the last few years, making fashion retailers recognise the need to expand their warehouses. The international and rapidly growing fashion brand has opened a new warehouse in Litchfield to supply their multinational customers efficiently and on time. In 2021, Lödige Industries was contracted to design, manufacture, deliver and install one SHERPA and one ESCORTA goods lift for the new facility.

The biggest challenge for the customer was the limited space available for the goods lifts. Consequently, the customer required a lift solution to fit between the steel building columns and respecting all other work and storage areas. This made the sizing of the lifts become complex.

The free-standing SHERPA and ESCORTA goods lifts fully automate the transfer of goods across five and six floors and were easily integrated into the rack system. Overall, the cabin sizes of the goods lifts allow the customer to fit all their equipment in the shaft without any disturbances between different stops.

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Material flow rethought - Integrating automated goods lifts with AGVs and AMRs

The lack of available land in densely populated areas and rising rental prices for warehouses are one of the reasons for the increase in multi-storey warehouses. The automation module for Lödige goods and freight lifts optimises in-house material transport for warehouses and production facilities and automates transport over several floors using automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR).

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