New Car Lifts for London Apartments

The lifts will be used by the residents of a prestigious new apartment building near the River Thames. The location of the building means there are increased parking restrictions on road level. In a bid to provide car parking spaces the developer incorporated two car lifts to the design of the building. The addition of the vehicle lifts has helped the developer secure early interest from property buyers. Being able to offer parking spaces with an apartment in a busy city like London is a huge selling point. Using vehicle lifts rather than a ramp in the design has saved a considerable amount of space which has been converted into additional car parking spaces.  

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the site closed temporarily which caused obvious delay. Once the site re-opened Lӧdige UK went above and beyond to shift workloads around, in order to complete the installation.

The lifts on this project were two 5 tonne Traffico car lifts, both with a travel of 11 meters. Lӧdige were involved from the early stages with the developer so were able design the lifts to maximise the available space. Like most other Lӧdige products, the Traffico can be tailored to suit project specific requirements. The cabin dimensions, internal appearance, max load and travel height are all flexible.

All the Lӧdige products are designed and manufacture in house at the Lӧdige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany. The factory has been functioning since 1965 and has produced an impressive amount over the last 55 years.

If you have a project that you think would benefit from a car lift or lorry lift, contact the UK office. Assistance can be given with budget costs, tenders, lift design, drawings, lift specifications and compliance. If you have space restrictions, there are other products on offer that require very little space.

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