New Goods Lift for Manchester Neighbourhood Development

Lödige installs goods lifts for a variety of purposes within industrial and commercial settings, but in many instances, the goods lifts are in environments where the lift is for multiple purposes, in multi-use developments.

Lödige has recently finished the installation of a goods lift for a new neighbourhood area in Manchester. This development is a multi-use development made up of commercial, retail, and residential units. The lift is an Escorta goods lift with an attendant, with a 6 metre travel able to carry up to 2 tonnes.

This lift can be used by all of the units for both moving stock and equipment to and from commercial units, but can also be used by a trained attendant to help residents move heavy items such as kitchen appliances and furniture to residential units.

In multi-use developments, flexibility in terms of use is essential as well as reliability and efficiency. An Escorta goods lift meets this need and can be easily integrated into both existing buildings and new builds.

Escorta goods lift installation

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