New installation - ESCORTA model Trained Attendant goods lift for Surrey expansion

Goods lift installations are a key area of expertise at Lödige, and we work with businesses of all sizes to ensure that they can both maintain their existing level of service, or expand their business.

A recent Lödige goods lift installation has been with a company looking to expand their business to meet a growing market.

A family owned, independent Tool and Plant Hire Company Hire Services Southern in Surrey have served the local community with a comprehensive range of tools and plant hire for over 45 years. When they decided to expand their operation to meet a growing need for their services, they made the move into bigger premises, and a dedicated transport solution for the essential tools and equipment that they supply became an immediate requirement.

Goods lift installation with Lödige

Lödige Industries manufactured and installed a new ESCORTA model Trained Attendant goods lift with tailor-made dimensions to replace the existing goods lift that was both no longer in service, or fit for purpose if it had been.

Lödige coordinated with the customer to remove the old lift and the delivery and installation of the new lift was timed to coincide with the completion of the new lift shaft by the building works contractor. The new lift was installed and handed over within three weeks.

The ESCORTA model Trained Attendant goods lift

The ESCORTA goods lift manufactured and installed holds a 1500kg rated load, and it’s dimensions were 1700mm wide x 2400mm deep x 2600mm high. It boasted a customised cabin and bespoke built doors to accommodate the specialist equipment and tools that are regularly hired out and returned for service and/or maintenance. In short, it’s custom build meant that the lift fitted perfectly around the business’s needs, to ensure optimal safety, efficiency, and productivity.

The client

This project gave us another satisfied customer we were pleased to be working with, and we wish them all the best for their expansion.

“We couldn’t have moved our stock and equipment into the new premises so quickly without the lift,” says Mr Alex Warr of Hire Services Southern. “It has become an essential part of our operation”.

Mr Warr was happy to give us a 10 out of 10 rating for the sales process, installation, handover process and the final product. The trained attendant goods lift was designed and manufactured in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany and sales and installation was completed by the Lödige UK team.

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