New pharmaceutical project success in Ireland

The team at Lödige are pleased to announce that they have won a new project to install a goods only lift at a leading pharmaceutical company in Cork, Ireland. This project will commence in Q1 2023 This commercial lift installation is for a new premises where pharmaceuticals will need to be transported between four floors.

Without any form of commercial lift, being able to achieve this would be seriously challenging, time-consuming, and would require a lot of manual handling. The new commercial lift installed by Lödige will ensure streamlined processes, save time and energy, and ensure the safety of those working in the new building.

Goods lifts for pharmaceutical businesses

The lift is a Sherpa goods-only lift. It will have four stops traveling over 18 metres, and will be able to transport up to 2,000 kg worth of goods. Sherpa goods-only lifts are used in a wide range of busy environments including shopping centres, hospitals, factories, and distribution centres.

This lift will easily manage the level of use needed in a new and busy location in an industry such as pharmaceuticals, where reliability is essential.

Sherpa goods-only lift installation

For more information on Sherpa goods-only lift design, installation, and maintenance, get in touch with the team to discuss our bespoke approach to the many industries we work within, including pharmaceuticals, factories, distribution, retail, and more.

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