Online shopping continue to grow, driving need for efficient distribution centre commercial lifts

Online shopping has been around for decades now, but it’s in the last few years and throughout pandemics, lockdowns and isolations, that it’s not just mainstream, it’s more popular than the high street itself now.

Online shopping is likely to increase in popularity with the growing focus on sustainability, as a study have shown that when averaged across all basket sizes, online grocery deliveries generate 43% lower carbon emissions per item compared to shopping in stores. Online shopping lowers the number of cars on the road going to multiple shops, and ecommerce businesses are - in turn - trying to reduce their own carbon footprint with conveniently located distribution centres that make for easily accessible local storage for them, and quicker delivery times for their clients.

Speculative and purpose build distribution centres alike are constantly being built along the UK’s motorway networks, often making use of conveniently placed brownfield sites to achieve the location they need. These distribution centres are becoming larger to meet demand, and they need to be as efficient as possible to operate at capacity.

Distribution centre commercial lifts with Lödige

At Lödige, we are delighted to support those putting together these new distribution centres, and working with our clients every step of the way to ensure commercial lifts are part of the planning process and not an afterthought. This ensures that not only are the distribution centre commercial lifts fit for purpose, but that they are perfectly placed for how they are to be used.

We are standardly involved early in the planning phases to ensure the stock can be turned over quickly to meet consumers’ expectations. Our commercial lift product range is vast and flexible and leaves our clients coming back to us time and again on their next projects. In addition to that, our servicing and maintenance service means that distribution centre commercial lifts will stay up and running reliably.

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