Orange Self-Storage Goods Lift for Cardiff

The customer chose to install a goods lift so they could make the most of all available space. The goods lift means users can store heavy and larger goods upstairs as well as on the ground floor.

As one of the few registered goods lifts suppliers of the SSA (Self Storage Association) Lödige is a trusted provider of goods lifts across the industry. With over 1300 lifts installed across the UK so far there is an impressive product portfolio with many reference sites.

The SHERPA and ESCORTA goods lifts are ideal for self-storage, both are free standing and require no pit or motor room. These great benefits save a lot of space, money and builders time. The SHERPA is a goods only lift and the ESCORTA is a goods with attendant lift. Lödige offers bespoke goods lifts that can be tailored to suit the end client’s requirements, even down to the colour theme. The free standing type of goods lift can move up to 3,000kg and can travel up to 18 meters.

Lödige UK specialises in goods lifts for self-storage units and warehouses across the country. The lifts are easy to use and are extremely reliable. All products are open protocol and made of high quality parts and components.

If you are planning a new self-storage unit, get in touch with the office for more information.

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