Pegasos Car Lift for Jaguar Landrover by Lödige Industries

The newly built showroom and workshop for a Jaguar Landrover car dealer in Maastricht has been equipped with a car lift from Lödige Industries. The customer decided to use a Pegasos car lift to increase showroom capacities by accessing all elegantly designed levels of the showroom building via car and reducing space requirements for the car lift itself. The installed PEGASOS car lift was taken into operation in July 2020.

This new Jaguar Landrover dealership reflects the highest standards of both brands – Jaguar and Landrover. Latest models as well as a wide range of approved used vehicles are presented on two levels within the building. Both levels of the newly built facility feature a sleek look via multiple glass surfaces. Thus, the integrated workshop is following the concept of an 'open bar'. Moreover, the almost five-metre-high basement, provides room for storage and workspaces. In total, the site has more than 4,300 square metres of floor space.

The customer required a space-saving, reliable and presentable lifting solution to overcome building levels by car. By having a car lift, staff members can easily transport cars between floors to change the display, take vehicles for test drives and of course deliver them to buyers. With building space at a premium, most car showrooms are modern two or more storey buildings. In consideration of the five-metre-high basement with rooms for storage and workspaces, the Pegasos offers a significant benefit as it doesn’t require a pit and installation is therefore simple and straightforward. There is also no requirement for a machine room which is another space saver.

With its range of finishes, the Pegasos reflects the overall design of the showroom. At JLR Maastricht, the PEGASOS comes in a sleek look of aluminium, steel and metal to match the modern, luxurious feel of the ‘car boulevard’. With a load capacity of 2.700kg it can carry even the heaviest of Landrover’s from floor to floor and turns the travel into an enjoyable ride of its own

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