Puzzle Parking Made Easy by Lödige

Parking spaces in busy cities are hard to come by. More and more residential developers in London are looking into the option of an automated parking solution. An automated system enables you to maximise the use of all available space in and under your building. There is no human access to these automated systems which means the height of the system only needs to be high enough for the vehicles – this is a huge space saving.

Further benefits are;

  • Speed – Faster parking than generic multi-storey car parks. No more walking aimlessly looking for your car, simply retrieve from a booth.
  • Security – Improved personal and vehicle safety. Cars are left in well-lit parking booths with security cameras.
  • Inclusivity – There is no requirement to dedicate specific spaces for disabled or child, the drop off and collect booths can be made to a size to suit all passengers.
  • Reuse of land – An automated car parking solution can be implemented to a new or existing building.

There are reference sites across the globe with 4 spaces up to 1000 that have been installed by qualified and experience engineers.

Lödige have been specialising in the movement of vehicles and goods for more than 70 years. All products are designed and manufactured in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany. There are over 50 parking systems worldwide which have more than 3000 automated parking spaces between them.

For assistance with budget costs, traffic calculations, dimensions, drawings and specifications – get in touch with the UK office.

As well as parking systems, the office can also assist with goods lifts, car lifts and lorry lifts.

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