Puzzle Parking Systems

Lödige design, manufacture and implement parking systems globally for projects of all sizes. The puzzle and automated car parking systems are versatile solutions that can be implemented into new or existing buildings.

Puzzle parking systems are suitable for residential developments, hotels, shopping centres, offices and other public buildings. They can start with as little as 4 spaces. Due to an easy to use, well-lit booth for the drop off and collection of vehicles – personal safety for drivers is improved compared to standard car parks. Smart phone apps are available to allow remote calling for retrieval of cars.

Many additional parking spaces can be created within the same footprint by installing a Lödige system. By removing the height and space requirement for people to enter a car park, u to 60% more space can be created.

There are a number of factors that can help to reduce energy consumption in comparison to standard multi storey car park, some of the benefits include;

  • Internal lighting is only required for maintenance so is switched off for the majority of time
  • Reduced vehicle emissions as vehicles are switched off for movement
  • Night time light pollution reduced as only minimal external lighting is required
  • Minimal waste as standardised units are constructed off site

With reference sites across Europe for various projects over multiple sectors, Lödige are well experienced to offer support on projects. The team offer support throughout all project stages with design, tenders, drawings, specifications and compliance.

Lödige Industries have been established for 70 years and have completed more than 50,000 projects worldwide. All Lödige products are designed and manufactured in house by experienced employees.

As well as automated systems, Lödige also specialise in goods lifts, car lift and lorry lifts

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