Retail Goods Lift Installed

This lift has a travel of 3.5 metres and a load capacity of 1000 kg. There is a travel of 0.2 metres p/s and 180 starts per hour which helps improve the shops productivity.

With the lack of space in high street retail properties, a bespoke goods lift like the SHERPA product is ideal. Minimum space is taken up as there is no separate shaft required. This product comes fully cladded and is free standing which saves time and money as no additional builders work is required. The SHERPA goods lift is a bespoke product that can be tailored to suit the client’s needs. Car sizes can be made up to 2800 mm wide x 3500 mm deep and 2900 mm high. A max load of 3500 kg can be carried with a height of up to 18 metres. The product is very easy to control and is user friendly. There is an option to have a ramp or a small recess can be used if preferred.

All products sold by Lödige are designed and manufactured in house. The factory is based in Warburg, Germany and run by Lödige Industries. Since opening in 1948, Lödige have become experts in goods movement. There is now a full range covering mezzanine lifts, factory lifts, warehouse lifts and lifts for distribution center's. 

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