Rip Out and Replacement Completed in Telford

The customer was moving into a new shop unit but the lift that was in place was not fit for purpose. Being long standing clients, the customer was already aware of the quality and reliability of the Lӧdige Goods Lift range. There were tight space restrictions due to the existing shaft so Lӧdige designed a lift to fit perfectly after carrying out site and shaft surveys. As this retailer only needs to move goods, the Sherpa goods only lift was used. The lift moves loads of up to 1,000 kg at a time over a travel of 5.8 meters. Due to the fact, that there are various stock items are transported, drop down bars were added to stop lose rails from knocking into the safety edge during transit. Lӧdige has been working with this particular company for nearly 15 years which speaks volumes for the quality of product and great customer service.

Lӧdige work with multiple high street retailers and online ecommerce companies and have provided important support to them during the lockdown period. Both with new installs and maintenance support.

When a store requires a lift that can move the stock along with a staff member, an Escorta or Olympus is used. The Escorta is a free-standing unit like the Sherpa and is suitable for projects where loads of up to 3,000 kg need to be moved. For shops and warehouses that require larger loads, the Olympus hydraulic goods lift is ideal. The Olympus can move loads of up to 100,000 kg, it is robust and extremely durable.

If you have an old lift on your premises that you would like replaced with a reliable, open protocol one, Lӧdige can assist. Help is available with planning, drawings, design, compliance, tenders and budget costs. Contact the office for more information.

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