Rip Out and Replacement for Goods Lift

After 19 years of daily use the customer contacted Lödige to discuss replacing their 2 stop goods only lift.

Lödige manufactured and installed the original lift which has been extremely reliable for almost 20 years. In this busy high street store the lift is used constantly throughout the day to ensure the shelves are consistently stocked for customers. There is a heavy footfall in this store so it is important that the goods lift is quick and easy to operate. With no complaints about the original lift, it was a no brainer for them to use Lödige for this project.

With the busy Christmas period fast approaching, there is a tight programme to work to in order to avoid daily store disruption. Due to the busyness of the store, the shop is to remain open during the full transition. To achieve this, all work is being done out of hours during the night.

The Sherpa lift is a free standing goods only lift which can travel up to 18 meters and beyond. Being free standing means there is no requirement for a brick shaft to be built, or for a lift pit. Like all Lödige Industries goods lifts, the Sherpa is bespoke meaning the cabin sizes, load, travel and appearance can be custom made to suit project specifics. It is open protocol so can be maintained by third parties if required.

For projects that require a rip out and replacement, communication and lead times are crucial. Lödige Industries work closely with customers, consultants and contractors to ensure projects are completely efficiently and professionally.

If you require assistance with a lift replacement get in touch with the UK office. Help can be given with budget costs, design, drawings, compliance and tenders.

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