Self-Storage Goods Lift in Wales

The client wanted a reliable and easy to operate lift for their Welsh self-storage unit. Lödige’s ESCORTA product can move goods along with an attendant which removes the need to travel up sets of stairs. With a max load of 1500 kg, this bespoke goods lift will increase productivity by allowing more goods to be moved between floors in less time. A ramp removed the need for a pit to be created, therefore saving money and time. This lift has 3 stops with a travel of over 6 metres and moves at 0.6 metres p/s.

Goods lifts for self-storage units are becoming more popular in the UK. Historically, storage units were only one storey but to keep up with demand, units are now being built with multi levels.

Lödige offers a wide range of goods lifts that are all compliant to the machinery directive. All products are manufactured in house and installed by a highly qualified team of engineers. Installations are quick and efficient.

Paul Robinson, National Sales Manager of Lödige UK commented; “The Self-storage industry is growing fast. We are an approved supplier of the Self Storage Association (SSA) so customers can come to us with confidence in our product, knowing that we are used by many companies across the UK.”

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