Self Storage Lifts for Devon

The customer wanted to maximise their available space to ensure they could keep up with demand. They installed a mezzanine floor to create more lock ups and needed to safely move goods to the higher level. The Lödige goods lift they chose to use is user friendly and cost effective.

More and more British people are opting to down size their residence to keep living costs to a minimum. This has an effect on the ever increasing demand to store personal goods. Self-storage units across the country are growing, the most practical and cost effective way to store more goods is to add a mezzanine floor and build up. The safest and quickest way to move goods to the mezzanine level is to install a goods lift.

Lödige offers a range of goods lifts that can be used for goods only or for goods with an attendant. All products are tailor made to suit requirements, the car sizes and loads can be bespoke as well as the travel and even door colours. Storage units have begun to customise their goods movement to match the colour themes of the unit. The Sherpa goods only lift and Escorta goods with attendant lifts can both have coloured doors to match any RAL colour theme.

Both the Escorta and Sherpa come with a fully clad free standing shaft, there is no requirement for a lift shaft, pit or motor room. These benefits save a lot of time and builders works. These products can serve up to 8 floors over 18 meters.

As well as goods movement, Lödige also specialise in car lifts, lorry lifts and automated car park solutions. All products are manufactured in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg Germany by experienced members of staff.

Lödige UK has a team of highly qualified engineers based across the UK who carry out installations and maintenance. Established for more than 30 years, there are more than 1300 lifts installed in the UK.

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