Self-Storage Win for Lödige UK

The demand for Self-Storage in the UK continues to grow, there are over 1500 self-storage units across the country with the number growing each year. The average unit size is expanding so more unit developers are building up. For units with multiple levels, owners need a safe and reliable way for goods to be moved between levels. A good lift is the safest and easiest way to do this.

Lӧdige offer a range of goods lifts, the most popular for self-storage over the last 3 years has been the ESCORTA goods lift with attendant. This goods lift is a free-standing unit that does not require a brick shaft, lift pit or motor room. The space saved could be used for additional storage. Although this new project requires a 2 stop lift, the Escorta can serve up to 8 floors over 24 meters with ease and allows for a trained attendant to travel with the goods. Being a bespoke product, the lift can be tailored to suit sizing and load requirements as well as unit colour themes. The Escorta can be manufactured in as little as 10 weeks and installed in 2. The customer on this project was not aware that they could have such a versatile product and were thrilled to learn how easy the solution is to install and use.

There is a team of UK base engineers situated across the country who carry out the installations and maintenance of the lifts.

As well as the Escorta, the SHERPA goods only lift and SERWA mezzanine lift are also free standing with the same requirements. To find out which solution is most suitable for your project, use our free of charge online goods lift configurator.

The team are happy to give advice on budget costs, specifications, design, compliance and drawings. Just contact the UK office or call 01784 221140

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