SERWA Goods Only Lift in the Midlands.

Although many companies and projects have come to a halt because of Covid-19, sone are still moving.

Lӧdige UK put the customer first in every instance and ensure that deadlines are still being met. The client on this project had a tight deadline that could not be achieved without the goods lift being installed and handed over. The UK staff have adapted well to the everyday changes and are fully capable of working as normal with the factory remaining open and office staff committed to working from home.

The client had a very simple requirement of moving archive items to and from the mezzanine level. The Serwa goods only lift is more than capable of fulfilling this task and is ideal for the building restrictions they had. A lift pit and lift shaft were not possible in the available lift space so the free standing design of the Serwa is ideal. The lift was delivered within one and a half weeks from order and was installed in 5 days by UK based engineers.

The Serwa is part of the Lӧdige goods lift range, it is versatile, reliable, easy to use and extremely cost efficient. It was designed in house by the product team who are constantly looking at ways to improve and extend the vast product profile. Up to 1,000 kg can be moved at a time with the Serwa so for projects that require a higher load or larger sizes there is the Sherpa and Escorta lifts. The Sherpa is for goods only movement where the Escorta is to move goods with an attendant – ideal for projects that have multiple levels. Like the Serwa both products are free standing and require no pit or shaft.

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